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Integrative Health Coaching for You & Your Spouse

It’s important to take care of your health during tough times, like the pregnancy process or switching careers — even if it feels impossible. Working with a health coach will kick that impossible feeling to the curb and help you learn techniques to live a healthy, vibrant life.

Serving Men, Women & Couples in Texas



It’s Friday again. Another week flew by in a blur of whirlwind activities, takeout dinners, and stressing over deadlines. You’re looking forward to a few days off but also dreading it a bit — because it’ll be another weekend filled with the same things.


You and your spouse will talk tonight about all the healthy changes you’re going to make. Only for those plans to collapse and the same pattern to emerge:


  • You’ll make false promises to eat healthier, avoid eating out, and cook more meals together.

  • You’ll let work and other distractions take over and stop spending time together.

  • You’ll try to follow your doctor’s instructions about conception, only to stress and angst over it not working.

  • You’ll talk about your career frustrations and decide that next month (or year), you’ll both make changes.

  • You’ll think about doing a workout but decide to spend your time doing something else instead.


By the time Monday comes, neither one of you feels much better. 


You still feel disheartened that you haven’t gotten pregnant yet. You’re anxious about advancing your career and trying to juggle all the things happening in your life. On top of that, your body feels unbalanced by things like:


  • Lack of sleep

  • Low energy levels

  • Poor eating habits

  • Constant stress


But it doesn’t have to be this way.


You can discover ways to nourish your whole self and make lifestyle choices that are best for you — while your spouse does the same. All it takes is opening yourself up to change and the guidance of an expert health coach.


By working with a health coach (like me), you’ll see positive changes in all areas of your life, such as:


  • Improving your confidence, mood, and energy levels.

  • Reducing your anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout.

  • Increasing your longevity with healthier long-term habits.

  • Learning about the exercise and nutritional needs of your body.

  • Discovering the strength within yourself so you can thrive.


My goal is to create a safe space for you and your spouse to learn, discuss, and explore all aspects of your health. I’ll also facilitate and recommend behavior and lifestyle changes you can reasonably sustain for long periods.

If you’re ready to find out what works for you and become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself, reach out to me today.

Health Coaching for Whole Body Wellness

A husband and wife standing on a balcony watching the sun set over the ocean and mountains
A husband and wife holding hands while sitting at a table drinking coffee and talking
A couple sitting on the ground and talking as they watch the sun rise over the mountains


“Training with Dante not only works on a physical level but also on a psychological level. He builds the body and builds the mind to help you be the best version of yourself. I am grateful to have trained with him and to call him my friend. Placing your trust in Dante and following the instruction he provides will definitely change your life.”

Why Health Coaching Works

Lately you and your spouse have been finding yourselves in tough situations like:


  • Dealing with difficult coworkers and demanding managers.

  • Trying to conceive and start a family with very little success.

  • Fighting more and communicating less with each other.

  • Feeling rundown, in a fog, and uncomfortable in your body.


You’re both fed up with how you feel and know it’s time to make a change. But you’re wondering: Where do I start? Who should I work with? 


I get it — there’s an ocean of health and fitness professionals to choose from. It’s hard to know who’s the best fit for you. Which is why my health coaching program is designed to help you succeed, with benefits like:


  • Integrative Approach — at HVL Therapy and Coaching Center, our primary focus is integrative healthcare that helps you heal your whole self. Our health coaching service is designed the same way: as an approach that considers all areas of your life and can be seamlessly interwoven with our trauma therapy and life coaching services.

  • Nonstop Support — health coaching plays a pivotal role in the greater healthcare team. As a health coach, I often offer support and work alongside other health professionals (like doctors, chiropractors, therapists, and nurses). I fill in the gaps often left by doctors who don’t have time to provide nutrition advice, fitness training, or lifestyle guidance — so there are no hiccups in your wellness journey.

  • Personalized Care — we’re all unique, each with our own needs and goals. As a health coach, I acknowledge this and focus my approach on bio-individuality (or the idea that there’s not one right way to improve your health). So you can discover how to fuel your body and live a healthy, vibrant life.

  • Expert Assessments — as a trained and certified expert in metabolic analysis, I offer PNOĒ metabolic testing to assess your metabolic rate. This assessment (used by sports teams and Olympic athletes to improve their performance) is the most reliable way to lose weight, increase longevity, build muscle mass, improve fitness, and uncover your body’s full potential.


Get the health coaching you need from an integrative wellness expert who can help you heal and flourish in your life. 




When you read the words “health coaching,” you probably picture a few other words like:


  • Food

  • Diet

  • Meal planning

  • Daily workouts

  • Exercise


But there’s more to healthy living than just caring for our physical selves. To be truly healthy, you have to nourish your whole self — mind, body, and spirit — and the various areas of your life: career, relationships, etc.


So only eating healthy foods and going to the gym every day may not cut it. And you won’t be able to thrive if other areas of your life are out of balance. Which is why, as a health coach, I teach you and your spouse about a core concept called “Primary Foods.”


Primary Foods are other forms of “nutrition” that nourish your whole self. So tangible food becomes secondary when you’re fulfilled and happy. Primary Foods also heavily influence how we feel and how our bodies function. They can include things like:


  • Regular physical movement.

  • Meaningful relationships.

  • Fulfilling work or career paths.

  • Spiritual connections.

  • Following your passions.

  • Non-dietary forms of self-care.

  • Playfulness, creativity, and fun.


As we explore your Primary Foods, you and your spouse discover which lifestyle choices help you live the life you want. You also learn what works for each of you — or a concept called bio-individuality.


It’s the idea that we’re all different and have unique needs — because there isn’t only one way to live a healthy, vibrant life. And there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness. So what works for your spouse may not work for you (and vice versa).

As a health coach, my role is to be your guide along your wellness journey. I’m here to offer support, encouragement, and knowledge so you and your spouse can live healthy, vibrant lives. Ready to get started?

What Makes My Health Coaching Unique?

A woman swinging on a swing set as the sun sets
A married couple sitting side-by-side in yoga poses on their balcony as they follow their health coaching lessons
A happy, healthy man chopping vegetables in his kitchen and smiling

You Deserve Good Health That Lasts a Lifetime…









…and a health coach who wants you to live a healthy, vibrant life. So reach out to me and learn about the Primary Foods that can help you thrive and flourish in your life. 



If you’ve done any metabolic testing in the past, you probably had to schedule it at a specialized medical facility. You were most likely hooked up to a stationary machine with lots of diodes and wires. 


But I can assure you, that’s not the kind of metabolic testing I offer.


I’ve partnered with PNOĒ (pronounced Puh-know-ee). This cutting-edge company uses portable machines (about the size of a briefcase) to “provide high-level cardiorespiratory and metabolic analysis via a two-part breath test.”¹


The machine analyzes your breath and oxygen levels, determines how your body and organs perform, and offers detailed biometric data about your metabolism. This is information your wearables (a.k.a. Apple Watch or Fitbit) can’t even begin to provide!¹


As a PNOĒ-certified metabolic analyst, I’m qualified to administer the test, interpret the machine’s data, and give fitness recommendations to help you reach your goals. I also partner with an expert PNOĒ  Registered Dietician and nutritionist who provides personalized meal plans based on your metabolic data — so you can ensure your health goals are all in alignment.


If you’re ready to get an in-depth assessment of your body and how it functions, reach out to set an appointment.

A Unique Metabolic
Testing Experience

A health coach standing beside his client as she runs on the treadmill with the PNOĒ mask on her face
A woman wearing the PNOĒ face mask while she works out for metabolic testing
A health coach encouraging a woman as she exercises at the gym

Top Fitness Brands and Universities Trust PNOĒ


Never heard of PNOĒ before today and are feeling a little leery? I get it — hearing about this one-of-a-kind assessment that offers such detailed information about your body sounds too good to be true. 


But many others also use this test.

These universities, educational institutes, and fitness facilities all endorse PNOĒ’s unique

metabolic services:



Meet Your Health Coach: Dante Yigael


Hey there, I'm Danté!

I’m an integrative nutrition health coach, personal trainer, and certified life coach (read more in my bio). My goal is to be a supportive mentor and wellness expert who helps you and your spouse feel your best through bio-individuality techniques like:


  • Taking an integrative approach to health and wellbeing.

  • Creating personalized action steps tailored to you.

  • Helping you discover your innate strengths so you can thrive.

  • Focusing on the areas that need improvement so you can flourish.


With my coaching and these techniques, you can feel more confident and comfortable with your health — and reach the goals you always dreamed of. All it takes is a little courage and determination to reach out and connect with me.

PNOE Image_edited.png


“Dante helped me rebuild my confidence and stay on track with my workouts and training by motivating me and holding me accountable. He made working out fun and easy… [and] like he had my best interest at heart through it all… Last year I ran a 5k and felt like my heart was gonna jump out of my chest. This year I ran it again and with Dante’s help, I felt like I could’ve run it 3 times in a row and still felt fine afterward. Most importantly my high cholesterol is gone and I just feel healthier all around. Words can’t express my joy so I guess all I can simply say is thank you!!!”


Even though my primary focus is husband and wife couples looking to start a family (and struggling with their relationship and careers), I can also guide many others on their wellness journey too. I’m trained to help men and women make lifestyle adjustments, such as:


  • Changing poor habits or behaviors.

  • Decreasing your anxiety or stress.

  • Navigating difficult relationships.

  • Achieving your dreams or aspirations.

  • Improving your sports performance.

These are only a few of the benefits of health coaching — and so many more can be found when you work with me. If you’re ready to change your lifestyle with integrated health coaching, reach out to me to get started.

Who Else Would Benefit From

Health Coaching

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"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done."

-Thomas Jefferson



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