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Relationship, Career & Life Coaching for Men & Women

Going through the pregnancy process, struggling to communicate with your partner, and making changes at work? Learn healthy techniques to help cope with these life challenges.

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Relationship Coaching for Men & Women

Life’s been tough lately. You’re facing challenges in starting a family, communicating with your partner, pursuing a promotion, and raising your kids. It's left you feeling down. If you're ready to make a change, consider working with me as your relationship coach.


Together, we can tackle:

1. Unhelpful thoughts

2. Boost your confidence

3. Enhance problem-solving skills

4. Clarify your values

5. Manage burnout and anxiety

6. Find peace and focus.


Let's transform your life together. Reach out today.

How Does Relationship Coaching Work?

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You’ve probably heard of relationship coaching before — and might be thinking, “It’s fluffy, emotional B.S. and not what I need right now.” But I’m here to dispel that myth.

Relationship coaching is about shifting your mindset and evolving, learning how to love your partner as yourself. 

We'll look at where you are now and where you want to be. Then, draw out a plan to get there in three simple stages:


Stage I — Current Picture

We'll explore your relationship difficulties, obstacles, and dilemmas to understand your present circumstances fully.


Stage II — Preferred Picture

Then, we'll explore your goals, dreams, hopes, and wishes for the future and the potential roadblocks, doubts, and fears so we can understand where you want to go and how to get there.


Stage III — The Way, Forward

Finally, we'll create a plan and action steps to get you to your goal and desired state so you can understand the exact steps to achieve your dreams.

My goal with the relationship coaching process is to help you clarify what you want in your life and show you how to achieve it. By working with me and moving through these simple stages, you can do exactly that — and transform your relationships into the dream version you always imagined.

Don’t Let Your Career


Expectations Crush You

Struggling with work stress and feeling disconnected from your personal life? As a seasoned life coach, I can guide you through challenges like long hours, communication issues with staff, and finding purpose. With my experience as a former Fortune 500 manager and entrepreneur, I offer practical coaching to help you take charge of your career, boost confidence, and unlock your potential. Let's work together to achieve your goals and create a fulfilling career path.

Three co-workers looking at computer

Move from feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out to clear-headed, focused, and confident — so you can operate at your highest potential. Ready to get started?


Why You Deserve Support & Guidance Too

At Healthy. Vibrant. Life., we have a team of people who can help you (and your wife). While your wife works with a trauma therapist, you can work with me — for life coaching that specializes in relationship and emotional resilience.


I know what it’s like to feel crushed by the pressures and expectations society places on us to bottle our emotions and “man up.” But when stressful and traumatic situations occur, you need someone who can teach you how to:


  • Manage your emotions.

  • Transform your relationships.

  • Improve your communication. 

Because despite the narrative you grew up with, you deserve to receive support and guidance. If you’re ready to find the encouragement you’ve been missing, reach out to me today.

A portrait of life coach Dante Yigael smiling and standing in front of a brick wall

Hi, I'm Danté Yigael.


A relationship, leadership, and resilience coach (learn more about me in my bio) who’s passionate about helping men improve in all areas of their lives. My goal is to help you live up to your potential and take the world by storm using my simple approach to:


  • Acknowledge and accept your emotions.

  • Increase your emotional resilience.

  • Conquer your stress and anxiety.

  • Develop unshakable confidence in yourself.


With my techniques, you can feel more balanced on the inside — despite the outside turmoil and chaos happening in your life. All it takes is some strategic goal setting and believing in yourself. 


You'll be well on your way to the limitless version of yourself that's always been inside you. Ready to get started?

Meet Your Coach


While I enjoy working with men experiencing transitions in their home and work lives, my life coaching also includes helping women, couples, and teenagers. 


As a life coach, I have experience coaching many types of people and populations. I spent over twenty years doing faith-based counseling before creating Healthy.Vibrant. Life


After my own journey and personal experiences, one of my goals is to help others — no matter who they are and what they’ve gone through with their relationships and emotional resilience. 

So if you want to overcome the obstacles in your life and transform your mindset, reach out to me today.

More Than Just Coaching for Men

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