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Welcome to HVL Therapy & Coaching Center.


We are a team of professionals trained in therapy, health coaching and metabolic testing. We enjoy working with women and couples looking to improve health and find relief in all aspects of life.


We understand the feeling of having problems mount on top of each other to the point of exhaustion or feeling like you've missed one too many opportunities in life and not knowing where to turn. Trust that we have been on the other side of the therapy and coaching process and care deeply about creating a space that serves you. Our work is to listen with curiosity and respect as you tell your story and clarify the key issues calling for change in your life. We're here to help you get clear on what you want and figure out the life you imagine for yourself.


You're deserving of feeling good.

Find Relief Today!

We are Houston's Holistic Wellness Center for Women & Couples Desiring
Therapy & Health Coaching.

We believe in the connection of the mind and body, which is why we also offer metabolic testing and nutrition coaching to help you find relief - mind, body and soul.

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Make Every Breath Count.

Health Coaching & Metabolic Testing 

After 3 months of PNOĒ based health coaching, people become healthier, stronger, and fitter.

Improved fat burn

12% improvement in fat burn efficiency


Age reversing

10% reduction in biological age


Improved lung fitness

7% increase in lung capability


Improved heart fitness

7% increase in heart fitness


Higher VO2max

11% increase in VO2max






David H.

"This man (Coach Danté) is definitely the man to be around! He’s hard-working, good looking and funny! But the most important thing is.... HE CARES!!! This man desires to see results!!!!"

Imagine the life you sincerely want. 
We help to make that your reality. 

Our People and Community: 

We enjoy working with women and couples from different walks of life. We specialize in working with individuals and couples experiencing reproductive issues and trauma, such as pregnancy loss, infertility, and navigating IVF. We understand we will all start and progress in therapy and coaching differently, which is why we allow you to set the pace. 


Our therapy and coaching process is successful precisely because it helps you:


  1. Identify and explore problem situations and new opportunities.

  2. Determine what You need and want.

  3. Discover ways of getting what you need and want.

  4. And translate what you learn in sessions into action.

The Stages and Tasks of Our Therapy and Coaching Process: 

A Problem-Management and Opportunity-Development Approach to Helping.

Your Current Picture - We Help You Clarify the Key Issues Calling for Change

Task 1: We Help You Tell Your Story

Task 2: We Help You Develop New Perspectives To Help Reframe Your Story More Constructively

Task 3: Getting Value- We Help You Work on Issues that Make a Difference

Stage 1:

Your Preferred Picture - We Help You Identify, Choose, and Shape Problem-Managing Goals

Task 1: We Help You use your Imagination to Spell Out Possibilities for a Better Future
Task 2: We Help You Choose Realistic and Challenging Goals that Are Real Solutions to the Key Problems and Unused Opportunities Identified in Step 1 
Task 3: We Help You Find the Incentives that Will Help You Commit Yourself to Your Change Agendas

Stage 2:

The Way Forward - We Help You Develop Strategies and Plans for Accomplishing Your Goals

Task 1: We Help You Review Possible Strategies to Achieve Goals
Task 2: We Help You Choose the Strategies that Best Fit Their Resources
Task 3: We Help You Pull Chosen Strategies Together Into a Viable Plan of Action

Stage 3:

Did You Know:

How Being Mindful Changes Our Lives

Helps you sleep better

Decreases anxiety & depression

Reduces stress levels 

Improves attention & concentration

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