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We Make It Easy to
Understand Your Metabolism

How much fuel does your body need? Does it like to burn fat more or sugar?
Find out with a clinical-grade PNOĒ RMR test today. Pinpoint the number of calories you burn at rest and discover more about how your metabolism impacts your

health and energy.

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Burn more fat. Build more muscle.

Knowing your metabolic health and RMR is crucial to your success on any nutrition or training plan. 

  • See how efficient your body is at converting food to energy and using fat or sugar as fuel.

  • Feed your body in a way that achieves your goals and conquer plateaus

  • Learn if you have a slowed metabolism to understand frustrated attempts to lose weight and plateaus

  • Track how your body composition changes with an InBody scan to understand how the food you eat affects your body fat, lean muscle mass, and bone

Reach your goals with efficiency.


Your metabolism refers to all the chemical processes that your body undergoes every day to keep you alive. 

Many factors affect your metabolic rate, including weight, age, body composition, environment, hormone levels, and gender.

These factors make it a highly unique and essential number to know, since

  • Your RMR accounts for about 60-70 percent of all energy you expend

  • It represents the number of calories you need to maintain essential functions at rest (like heartbeat and breathing!)

  • Pinpointing the precise number of calories, you burn at rest is crucial if you want to lose weight or build lean mass.

Your health goal is why testing your RMR is so important vs. using an equation.

Even the most "accurate" equation-based RMR estimations can vary as much as 30 to 40 percent!

The Body Composition & PNOĒ RMR test is medical-grade and significantly more accurate than all formula-based RMR/BMR estimates.


Preparing For The Test

Diligent preparation is vital because your RMR is very sensitive. It is affected by many factors, including environment, genetics, hormones, stress, movement, and digestion. 


Pre-Test Protocol:

1. PNOĒ recommends a minimum 5 hour fast (preferably overnight) with no food, alcohol, nicotine, or caffeine.


2. No vigorous exercise for at least 48hrs and no light exercise for at least 24 hours before RMR testing.

  • The day before the test should be a rest day​


3. ​​Continue taking any prescription medications as recommended by your doctor.​​

4. Come to the test in comfortable clothing.

5. Test is conducted in a quiet, temperature-controlled environment.

6. Expect to relax for at least 10-20 minutes before the test (arrive early for proper breath instruction and guided meditation with a licensed therapist). 

RMR & Active Test Customer Preparation and Expectations Video

During The PNOĒ RMR Metabolic Test


We like to think of your RMR Metabolic test as a 15 to 20-minute meditation to break up the stress of your day...

  1. All you need to do is relax comfortably in a chair while breathing into a mask.


   2. We calculate the amount of oxygen you consume during this time.

   3. We analyze your data, review it with you, and answer any questions.




After 3 months of PNOĒ based Health Coaching users improved in all important areas...

Improved fat burn

12% improvement in fat burn efficiency


Age reversing

10% reduction in biological age


Improved lung fitness

7% increase in lung capability


Improved heart fitness

7% increase in heart fitness


Higher VO2max

11% increase in VO2max

We Bring The Lab To You

PNOĒ Metabolic Test and Nutrition Consultation at your home, local gym, or office: $500.00 or $0*

for eligible

health plans

What's Included:

One-time proper breath instruction and guided meditation, In-Body Scan, RMR and/or VO2max test , 45-60 minute metabolic & nutrition consult to review your current dietary habits, macronutrient recommendations based on your RMR and Body Composition results from our clinical grade test right from the comfort of your home, local gym or office. 

* After completing your RMR testing, spirometry, and body composition test, you will consult with our expert metabolic coach to establish goals and provided an individualized plan of action and customized meal plan to ensure your goal is obtained. *Please refrain from caffeine/stimulants, alcohol, food (up to 5 hours before), and no working out 24 hrs before your appointment.


*Insurance reimbursement applies to Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna policyholders as well as holders of other private and public health plans with specific pre-existing conditions.

Precision Nutrition
Health Coaching Program

Precise and Simple.

That's the foundation of our Health Coaching program. Our dietitians & coaches have spent years designing and perfecting a system that provides us the precise information we need to create a simple-to-follow program. And with our unlimited monthly coaching, we're there to guide, motivate, and teach you every step of your journey.

Our program is truly a blend of art and science. To achieve the scientific precision needed to design an effective personalized program for you, we measure, re-measure, and re-measure again. We will analyze your resting metabolism, calculate your body fat percentage, check your weight, and measure your body circumference every 4-8 weeks.


We do this because your body composition and caloric needs will change as you change throughout the program. The art of the program is in how we adapt it along with your body's adaptation using AI Nutrition. Because if you don't adapt, you'll plateau, and THAT is where most people begin to gain back the weight. And since everybody is different, your program is specifically tailored to you.

Once you've reached your goal, then the real work begins, maintaining the results. Now, this is where all the guidance and teaching we've done throughout your program begins to matter. We'll teach you the three steps to fixing a broken diet: how to measure your foods, read nutritional content labels, count your calories, and, most importantly, how to adjust your meal plan. Why do we focus so heavily on teaching you instead of just telling you what to do? Well, because honestly, we want to coach ourselves right out of our jobs.

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Get the most out of your PNOĒ Test with Precision Nutrition

Health Coaching Sessions. 

The world’s only health coaching nutrition and fitness program that adapts to your metabolism and lifestyle habits.


Step 1. Goal Setting & Measurements

During your initial consultation, we will sit down and discuss what you'd like to accomplish. We'll then establish your long-term goals and set short-term milestones to hit along the way. We will also take your initial Resting Metabolic analysis, Spirometry test, measure your weight and circumference, and calculate your body fat percentage. We will then explain what all of this means to you and how it affects your goal.

Step 2. Meal Plan

During your initial in-office meeting, we will sit down with you, and with your input, we will begin to design you a customized 7-day meal plan based on your schedule and lifestyle. You may also choose from any one of our dietitian-designed meal plan templates, and we can modify it. We will then show you how to log and exchange the foods on your meal plan within our AI Nutrition app. Measuring and tracking your daily food intake is essential to success, so we will also discuss what other tools like the hunger scale you may require to make that easier on yourself.

Step 3. Motivate and Manage

We are here for you every step of your journey! Our programs come with UNLIMITED coaching, so you can email or message us whenever you have a question, concern, compliment, or want to brag about your results! We are here to help keep you accountable, motivated, and on course towards your goal. Of course, there will be bumps in the road, but we are here by your side to help you manage every challenge that comes along your path.

Step 4. Repeat

We will reanalyze your metabolism every four to eight weeks and re-measure your circumference measurements and your body fat percentage. We do this so that we can not only adapt the program as your body adapts but so that we can also track your accomplishments along the path to your goal.

Step 5. SUCCESS!

You did it! You've reached your goal! However, the work has just begun, now you want to maintain your weight loss. So, together, we will make slow adjustments to your meal plan to ensure that you don't regress. We're here to provide the resources you need to achieve and maintain it no matter your goal.

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PNOĒ has been indepedently validated to deliver the same accuracy as clinical-grade analyzers used in hospitals.




PNOĒ RMR Test In Action.




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for eligible

health plans

Health Coaching Services
Programs & Prices.

$350 to begin  or $0*

*Insurance reimbursement applies to Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna policy holders as well as holders of other private and public health plans with specific pre-existing conditions.

Danté Yigael

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

&  PNOĒ  Metabolic Expert

Total Transformation Health Coaching Program




> Weekly 45-Minute  Health Coaching Sessions virtual or in-office

> Registered Dietitian Approved Nutrition Plan based on your Personalized Metabolic profile

> Access to the PNOĒ Precision app 

> RMR testing every 4 weeks

> Body Composition Analysis every weeks

> Unlimited Virtual Wellness Coaching via Text or Email

> Nutrition and Fitness Resources 

> Ongoing dietitian support 

You will want to choose this plan if you haven't had much experience or success with dieting in the past. We know how frustrating it can be and how much work it is to start a new program. It's why we dedicate so much time and energy to coaching you and providing you the necessary tools to get you moving and on your way to success.

We will measure your metabolism and body composition during your initial meeting, discuss your food preferences, and outline your meal plan together. We find that the more input you can have in your meal plan, the more likely you are to follow it.

After your initial meeting, we will meet weekly for about an 45 minutes to discuss your goals and re-measure your metabolism and body composition monthly. Then, we will make any needed adjustments to your meal plan to make sure it's not only healthy and flavorful but that it also fits into your current lifestyle.

You'll also have unlimited virtual coaching via email or text messaging system whenever you have a question or need some advice or guidance.
Once you've got the basics down and have some good habits and routines established, you can then consider moving on to the advanced program.

Health Coaching Program



> Bi-Weekly 45-minute Health Coaching Sessions virtual or in-office

> Registered Dietitian Approved Nutrition Plan based on your Personalized Metabolic profile

> Access to the PNOĒ Precision app 

> RMR testing every 6 to 8 weeks

> Body Composition Analysis every 6 to 8 weeks

> Unlimited Virtual Wellness Coaching via Text or Email

> Nutrition and Fitness Resources 

> Ongoing dietitian support 

If you've already dieted successfully or have a pretty good understanding of nutrition and exercise, then this may be the program for you to start.

We will still have an initial appointment to measure your resting metabolism and body composition and design your meal plan. However, we will only meet for 45 minutes every other week, either in the office or virtually, and we will be doing metabolism and body composition measurements every 6-8 weeks instead of monthly.

During this program, we are focusing on motivation, accountability, and managing situations and circumstances. Work getting in the way? Kids out of school? Are the holidays coming up? We will discuss and work through whatever life situations may arise, and while we've dealt with them all before, each case is unique. But no matter what it is, you can manage anything with focus, determination, and the proper guidance.

During this phase, we will meet Bi-weekly for 45 minutes, either on the phone or virtually. We will measure your metabolism and body composition every 6 to 8 weeks. You will always have access to unlimited email and text coaching, and we're here for as long as you need us.

Maintenance Health Coaching Program



Monthly 45-minute Health Coaching Session virtual/ or in-office

Bi-monthly Body Composition Analysis

> Continued Access to the PNOĒ Precision app 

Unlimited Virtual Wellness Coaching via Text or Email

Nutrition and Fitness Resources 

> Ongoing dietitian support 

Congratulations, by this point, you've reached your goal, and it's time to celebrate!

But after that celebration is over, it's back to work. Again, though, this is where we try to engage a little cruise control along this journey.

By now, you'll know what a standard portion size is, what foods are healthy and delicious, and how much you should be eating per day. Unfortunately, most people suffer from this phase because they know how much they need to eat to lose weight, not how much they need to eat to maintain their desired weight.

So, during this program, we will continue to meet every four weeks to measure your body composition and metabolism to fine-tune your meal plan so that we can slowly add calories back into your diet and minimize any rebounding weight fluctuations.

Once we've determined where your metabolism settles, and your daily caloric intake has leveled out, it's just maintenance work from there. And, as always, we are available to you if you ever have any questions or need guidance, so never hesitate to ask.

All  Health Coaching Programs require a onetime $350 set up fee which includes, 

1 Resting/Active Metabolic Rate Home Test, Metabolic Expert Consultation with a Registered Dietitian and Health Coach, Personalized Metabolic based Nutrition Plan, and access to the PNOĒ Precision App.

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We Bring The Lab To You!

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