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Make Every Breath Count!

Whether you want to lose weight or improve your performance PNOĒ is the most reliable way to get there.


Prevent Metabolic Slowdown With
A PNOĒ Resting Metabolic Rate Test.

We offer a complete metabolic panel at our facility with clinical-grade accuracy. 

First, we measure your metabolic rate, heart, and lung fitness in just 10 minutes. Then, we use the our software to turn this data into personalized nutrition and workout plans with the click of a button. 

Resting Metabolic Testing


-Nutrition Plan

-Slow vs. Fast Metabolism

-Fat vs. Carbs Burned at Rest

Exercise Metabolic Testing


-VO2max Fitness Test

-Training Zones

-Heart & Cellular Fitness



-Lung Fitness 


Breathing Efficiency

Body Composition Analysis


-Fat Loss


Muscle Mass

Trusted by the Best

100,000+ Individuals from elite athletes to common gym-goers, have used PNOĒ to improve performance, modify their diet, lose fat and build muscle.


"PNOĒ delivers clinical-grade metabolic analysis from the comfort of your home and highly personalized nutrition and workout programming. To get these insights you previously had to go to a lab."

Annie Thorisdottir

2X Fittest Woman on Earth


"PNOĒ is awesome because it gives detailed info on your metabolic efficiencies and inefficiencies."

Matt Chan,

Crossfit Legend, x6 Crossfit Games, Finishing 2nd in 2012


"PNOĒ has transformed the way we assess our athletes physiology.

Excited to share how we’re using PNOĒ to take our assessments, training and nutrition to the next level!"

Paul J. Fabritz,

NBA Performance Specialist, Exercise Scientist

Uncover Your Mind & Body's Full Potential With PNOĒ 

Success Stories
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PNOĒ goes beyond numbers. It scans your body's core systems and answers the most pressing questions.


Why am I not losing fat?

Is my metabolism slow?

What's the proper diet for me?


Why am I constantly yawning and feeling tired?


Am I breathing correctly?


Are my heart and lungs healthy?

What is the proper training for me?

PNOĒ measures how fast or slow your metabolism is, your fat-burning efficiency and your daily caloric needs. We then use this data to develop the nutrition and workout plan your metabolism needs. 

Your breath affects your brain and posture more than anything else. PNOĒ measures your breathing patterns' impact and offers breathing training based on your breath profile.

PNOĒ tests your lung and heart fitness and provides the training zones and guidance to improve it.  

Key Insights

Metabolic rate

VO2 Max

HR training zones

Fat Max HR zone

Breathing training

Optimal breakdown of Cardio, HIIT, Resistance training


PNOĒ’s AI, supported by a network of certified metabolic experts, turns the analysis of personalized regimens into a one-click process.

PNOE Report

The Answer Lies In Your Breath.

The PNOĒ test provides the most holistic view of your body. By analyzing 12 biomarkers in your breath it measures your heart, lung, and cellular fitness, how "fast" your metabolism is, your fat-burning efficiency, and how your breath affects your posture and brain—all with clinical-grade accuracy.

PNOĒ AMR Performance Test 
PNOE Image.png

Heart Fitness
The PNOĒ test analyzes your heart's condition and whether it poses a limitation to your health or performance by measuring the amount of oxygen your heart pumps into your body in every heartbeat.

Lung Fitness
The PNOĒ test analyzes your lungs' condition and whether they pose a limitation to your health or performance by measuring your breathing rate, lung volume, and the amount of oxygen your lungs pump into your body every breathing cycle.

The PNOĒ test analyzes how your breath affects oxygen delivery to your brain and thus your ability to think at your maximum potential by measuring your breathing rate and carbon dioxide concentration.

The PNOĒ test analyzes how your breathing affects your posture and risk of lower back injury by measuring how well your inhalations engage your core.

Training Zones
The PNOĒ test analyzes how your body changes between fat and carbohydrate burn in different exercise intensities and provides you with highly personalized training zones and the plan to implement them in your training.

Cellular Health
The PNOĒ test analyzes how "fit" your cells are by measuring their effectiveness in utilizing oxygen and fat as a fuel source.

Fat/Carb Burn
The PNOĒ test analyzes how efficient you are in using fat and carbohydrates as a fuel source at rest and during exercise and pinpoints the exercise intensity where you burn the most amount of fat.

The PNOĒ test analyzes how fast or slow your metabolism is by measuring whether you are burning more or fewer calories than the norm at rest and during exercise.

VO2max - Longevity
The PNOĒ test analyzes your fitness level and mortality risk by measuring your VO2max, the gold standard in assessing your overall fitness level and how long and well and long you will live.

Cycling Efficiency
The PNOĒ test measures how much fuel you burn during cycling and helps you become more economical. 



PNOĒ is independently validated as the most accurate portable metabolic analyzer.



Order the PNOĒ Test and get tested in 10 minutes at our facility or local gym.


PNOĒ’s AI supported by a network of certified metabolic experts turns the analysis and prescription of personalized regimens into a simple-to-understand gold-standard report.


Our team of metabolic experts provides you with one-on-one consultations for your test along with personalized, science-based nutrition plans


We set you up with personalized nutrition and lifestyle optimization program that’s tailored to your metabolism and preferences.


Let us know what your goal is.

Here's how we will help you get there:

Select your goal

No matter your fitness or health goal, PNOĒ Test offers the most accurate way of finding your body's limiting factor and the strategy to overcome it. Please tell us what your goal is, and we will help you get there.

Pnoe Mobile .png


Our PNOĒ Test measures the concentration of O2 and CO2 in your breath and the air volume your lungs exchange with the environment. Our AI algorithms process this information in real-time and generate insights about your metabolism, heart, and lungs.

  • BF - The number of breaths you take per minute.

  • VT - The volume of air exchanged between your lungs and environment every breathing cycle.


  • FeO2 - The fraction of oxygen you absorb from the air you inhale.


  • FeCO2 - The fraction of carbon dioxide in the air you exhale


  • HR - Your heart rate


  • VE - The volume of air exchanged between your lungs and environment every minute.


  • VCO2 - The volume of carbon dioxide produced by your body every breathing cycle


  • VO2 - The volume of oxygen consumed by your body every breathing cycle


  • Fat/Carb - The contribution of fats and carbohydrates in the calories you burn


  • Kcal - The calories you burn

  • ​O2pulse - The amount of oxygen your heart pumps into your body per heartbeat


We Conduct Metabolic Panels For:

General Fitness & Athletes: 

From the chronically ill to the elite athlete. 


  • Fertility

  • Respiratory (Covid/COPD/sleep apnea/asthma) 

  • Cardiac: (post up/post event) 

  • Metabolic: (obesity/diabetes)

Tactical athletes:

  • Annual testing

  • Recruitment standards

Fists in Solidarity

Stronger Together!

We Partner With:

  • Weight-loss Centers

  • Fertility Centers

  • Therapists

  • Nutritionists

  • Medical Doctors

  • Personal Trainers

  • Health Coaches

  • Universities

  • Corporate Wellness

  • Wellness Programs

  • Sports Teams

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