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Therapy & Life Coaching
for Teens

We see you and accept you, just as you are

Are you feeling uneasy

about your teen?


While the teenage years can be filled with adventure and fun, there can also be moments of insecurity and challenge as teens struggle to build their self-identity and figure out where they fit into this world. 

On top of all the pressure that comes with forming one's sense of self, teens are also expected to manage the daily stressors that come with school and academics. It's essential to understand that going to school these days can be challenging for some teens. This is where we come into the picture. With extensive experience and success working with adolescents, we are ready to guide your teen through any bump in the road they might face.  


Wondering if your child might be a good fit? Here are some issues to be explored in therapy and coaching. Your teen may seek help because they struggle with self-confidence, making friends, or coping with peer pressure. Or your teen may want to work with a skilled helper because they have learning or attention difficulties, struggle with anxiety, depression, or anger, or are being bullied. 

No matter what challenges your teen faces, therapy, and life coaching can help them build valuable life, social and coping skills that last a lifetime. 

However, the longer you wait to seek help, the more challenging your teen's problems may become. Therefore, it's necessary to seek help as soon as you can. 

We want you to know that your teen can get through whatever obstacles they face with the proper support. 

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Perfectionism is a close cousin to Anxiety.

Ever feel like you are your own worst enemy? 


We all find ourselves fighting with thoughts of not being good enough, attractive enough, or deserving of love at some point in our lives. We criticize and judge ourselves harshly when we think we don't measure up. This can be particularly tough during adolescence. If this sounds like something your teen might be experiencing, we've got you.




We believe deeply rooted feelings of guilt and anxiety cause procrastination. 

There are a lot of unhelpful opinions and advice about procrastination out there. That’s why virtually all the books and videos we turn to for help fail us. We give up, assuming that we must be ‘inherently lazy’ or ‘lacking self-discipline. 



With therapy and life coaching, your teen will start to understand why they procrastinate. We'll look at the inner struggle that takes place in the mind when procrastinating. There are essentially two parts to the mind - the lazy mind and the bossy mind. We'll look at how to end this inner conflict by introducing the idea of the 'compassionate mind.' It is here that everything starts to shift. 

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Be kind to yourself.

Let your energy be used to build, not destroy.


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