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As a founder of two businesses and a former operations manager at Stewart Title responsible for over 100 employees, I know all about the highs that come with scaling to 6-figures for the first time receiving 5-star reviews to the lows of transitioning out of a job feeling imposter syndrome and all the crazy in between. I love passing on tried and true guidance I've picked up along the way to help others grow as leaders and the businesses of their dreams. 

Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance and development of another. As your coach, I will provide a secure environment for you and ensure that the process is Goal-directed. In addition, I will provide a developmental experience for you, listen, and give feedback to enable you to make sense of what is said and your plan of action. 

I know all my clients have intelligence within them and are born with the qualities they need to get everything they want! They are whole, complete, and resourceful, which is why my clients take fearless responsibility for their development. They increase self-awareness, explore their potential, work hard in all areas of importance to understand what can and cannot be done, and acknowledge that the answer lies within!

If you are ready to discover answers, find solutions, create possibilities, and reach new milestones...

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Seasoned Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Leadership Coach.

Here are some examples of the issues Top Execs want Leadership & Executive Coaching around...

  • Helping the individual executive who requires new skills for a new position due to a change in organizational structure

  • Working with the manager being groomed for promotion•

  • Coaching high-performing executives whose personality style hurts their relationship with peers, staff, and clients

  • Working with executives wishing to develop their career paths and prospects

  • Coaching as a follow-on from 360-degree performance appraisals

  • Increasing the executive's capacity to manage an organization – planning, organizing, controlling, visioning, and developing others.

  • Increasing the executive's psychological and personal mastery skills such as self–awareness, recognition of 'blind spots,' defenses and limiting thoughts, emotional effectiveness

  • Improving the executive's balance between work and life demands

  • Improving the executive's leadership, management, and team-building skills

  • Coaching an executive to work more effectively within a changing organizational structure

  • Working with a leader to coach others in transition

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Here are some examples of the challenges Companies want
Business Coaching around...

  • Organisational restructuring

  • Establishing a coaching culture•

  • Strategic Planning

  • Performance management appraisals

  • Developing change initiatives

  • Establishing approaches to deal with resistance to change

  • Business rejuvenation and growth

  • Succession planning

  • Identifying critical issues in the organization

  • Improving the work climate and morale of groups

  • Working with individuals and group transition

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Here are some examples of the problems Professionals want
Personal Coaching around…

  • "I'm in the wrong job but can't change it."

  • "I don't know why I am doing this job; I hate it."

  • "I worry about my ability to do the job I am in"

  • "I just can't seem to get through to my staff."

  • "My staff keep leaving, and I'm beginning to feel it's me."

  • "I got passed over for promotion, and I know I can do a better job than the person who got the job. I don't know what to do now."

  • "I'm stuck in a rut and bored, silly."

  • "I work long hours, and my personal life is non-existent."

  • "I have to do this job because I have a mortgage to pay."

  • "I want to take my career to the next stage but am unsure in which

    direction to go."

  • "I want to start my own business but do not have the confidence."

  • "I want to start my own business but am afraid of the risks."

  • "I want to start my own business, but I have a job that pays well already."

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Never regret your mistakes. Admire the courage it took to attempt the unknown. 

Let your energy be used to build, not destroy.