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Going Through The Pregnancy Process.

It's time to check in with your doctor again about your latest round of fertility or reproductive tests. But you dread hearing the answers and what it could mean for you and your spouse. You can’t help, but think:

  • What if this round of IVF failed?

  • What will we do if I miscarry again?

  • Should we keep trying or just give up?

  • How come it’s so easy for my friends to get pregnant?

  • Why is my body working against me?

  • Should I change my diet to improve my chances of getting pregnant?


All these thoughts are racing through your head as you anxiously wait for your results. And if the doctor doesn’t have good news, you know it’ll be another round of disappointment, frustration, and grief — because you’ve been through this before.


You and your spouse have been trying to get pregnant for a while now. But nothing seems to be working, no matter what you do.

Logically, it doesn’t seem like it should be difficult:


✔️ You’re both in a good place financially, so you can afford to start a family. 

✔️ You’re both very successful in your careers and proud of what you’ve accomplished. 

✔️ You’re both ready to transition to parenthood, now that you’re out of your 20s.


So the next step in your life plan? Get pregnant.

But with things not working out as you planned, you’re struggling to cope with the trauma of this whole process. It’s been one disappointment and letdown after another.


You’re both a wreck. Your emotions are all over the place all the time, you can’t seem to focus, and you’re tired of hearing how well things are going for your friends.


If you reached this point — where you feel like you’re at the end of your rope — it might be time to get some help. For you and your spouse.




By talking to a member of our team:


  • Rebekah is a trauma therapist who specializes in reproductive issues like miscarriages, infertility, the IVF process, pregnancy loss, and other struggles during pregnancy.

  • Dante is a relationship and health coach who works with couples struggling to create a healthier, vibrant lifestyle at work and in their relationships.






At Healthy. Vibrant. Life., we work together to create a truly integrative and holistic approach to your (and your spouse’s) health. We aren’t afraid to consult with each other or suggest that you work with other team members, especially if it benefits you.


Because we're here to help you heal so you can get clear on what you want — and create the life you envision for yourself.

Get the Help You Need


"Bekah is an incredibly compassionate and skilled therapist. She will definitely make you feel at ease and safe in her sessions!"

Abby W.

Therapy & Life Coaching

When You Need It



Many couples struggle with reproductive issues and pregnancy trauma. But they often don’t get the help they need from qualified professionals.


Instead, couples often suffer through issues like:


  • Trying to conceive after months (or years) without success.

  • Dealing with multiple miscarriages and the physical/mental challenges that come with it.

  • Navigating the IVF process, depression, anxiety, and loss as common side effects.

  • Discovering unexpected reproductive issues like endometriosis or PCOS.

  • Lacking quality services and support throughout their pregnancy journey.

  • Finding out they’re infertile and trying to figure out their next steps.


When couples encounter these issues, they often don’t know what to do — or whom to turn to for support, especially when their friends or family members haven’t experienced this.

So they suffer in silence and do the best they can to cope with their trauma.


This painful process is all too common — and something we hear all the time. It can create a ripple effect and lead to problems in other areas of life. 







At Healthy. Vibrant. Life., we offer support to you and your husband as you move through your pregnancy journey. Our goal is to provide a safe space for you to share your story as you start to heal.


We will also teach you how to:


  • Manage your stress and anxiety as you encounter life’s demands.

  • Be present in life after going through traumatic experiences.

  • Find peace and growth in your relationships.

  • Build your emotional resilience and mental fortitude.

  • Improve your confidence, self-reliance, and trust in yourself.

  • Integrate healthier habits into your daily life and relationships.


We also incorporate a mindfulness component in all of our therapy and coaching services. 


Because our goal is to help you move through the pregnancy process — and everything that comes with it — as smoothly as possible. Whether it’s changing up your diet or working through your trauma, we’re here to help.


So you can build the Healthy, Vibrant Life you always dreamed of. 

What Makes Healthy. Vibrant. Life.

As with any health issue, it’s not about focusing on one area or method of healing. But integrating all areas of your life so you can find a balance that works for you.


Building a family and trying to get pregnant can be a particularly tough process to move through. Many of our clients feel like they’re not getting the support they need or that they have to carry their emotional burdens alone.


But this simply isn’t true — and we’re here to provide the support you’ve been missing.


After working with our clients, we know that the pregnancy process is about more than just your physical health. It’s also important to create an integrative, holistic approach for you (and your spouse) during this process by: 


  • Examining your mindset.

  • Practicing mindfulness.

  • Regulating your emotions.

At Healthy. Vibrant. Life., that’s exactly what we do.


We provide more than just therapy to our clients — we also offer life coaching and health/nutrition services. Our goal is to focus on the mind-body connection and then provide the corresponding comprehensive services:


  • Therapy

  • Life Coaching

  • Health and Well-Being Coaching 

  • Metabolic Testing

  • Meal Planning

  • Nutrition Services


This integration is critical to our practice. We believe in it so much that we take it one step further by offering an integrated team that’s at your service.



Because therapy, life coaching, and health/nutrition are interwoven. 


So we set up our practice so clients can work with either of us, as needed. Or work with both of us at the same time. We also aren’t afraid to consult with each other when there’s a particularly complex issue we’re trying to help our client resolve. 


What might this look like?


  • You meet with Rebekah about your pregnancy trauma and miscarriages, but your husband is also struggling with the IVF process. So he meets separately with Dante to get the support he needs — so you can both start the healing process.

  • You work with Danté while your wife works with Rebekah. Then all of us come together for a joint counseling session, supporting each of you as you navigate your marital concerns.

  • You talk to Rebekah about your reproductive issues and want to improve your nutrition choices. So you start seeing Rebekah and Dante at the same time to improve your whole-body wellness.

  • You partner with Dante on your confidence, lifestyle, and nutrition concerns, but you might also need to process some past traumatic events. So you seamlessly transfer your sessions to start working with Rebekah going forward.


The ease with which our clients can work with us makes our practice truly unique and a one-of-a-kind, turnkey solution you won’t find anywhere else in Houston.


Ready to get started?

Meet Our Therapy & Coaching Team.

A therapist and coach smiling and standing with their arms crossed

When you’re ready to take charge of your health, it’s important to have confidence in your therapists and coaches. At H.V.L., we have professional and qualified team members for you to partner with:


  • Rebekah Yigael is a licensed trauma therapist who focuses on pregnancy and reproductive issues. She’s also a certified life coach who integrates strategic life coaching principles into her therapy sessions when appropriate. 


She loves being able to watch her clients heal over time, at their own pace. She also enjoys helping her clients find wisdom in the midst of the painful things they’ve gone through in the past.



He has a passion for working with men who struggle with family issues (like feeling helpless when IVF treatments fail) and career challenges (like balancing work expectations with the desire to start a family). His own life experiences mean he can offer an empathetic space for men to find the support they’ve been missing.


Our therapy and coaching team is fully qualified and ready to provide top-notch service to fit your needs.

The Benefits of Working With an Integrated Therapy & Coaching Team


Increase your emotional resilience, fortitude, and focus.


Develop mindfulness skills to stay grounded in any situation.


Create a healthier lifestyle around food, sleep, and exercise.


Discover your inner peace, joy, and happiness.

Why “H.V.L.?”

When we decided on a name for our practice, we wanted words that reflected our goal to serve couples struggling to start a family (and all the challenges that come with it). So we chose Healthy. Vibrant. Life. (H.V.L.) — because that’s what we want for you and your spouse.


Our goal is to provide quality care and service so you can build the H.V.L. you’ve always wanted. Every time you meet with one of our team members, we’ll draw on our:


  • Therapy and coaching expertise.

  • Life experiences.

  • Training and skills. 


We’ll also integrate all areas of our expertise (nutrition, mindfulness, movement, and coaching) into each of your sessions. Because we believe all areas of our lives are connected and essential to creating a healthy, vibrant life. 

Did You Know:

A stone in the sand with concentric circles drawn around it to represent the inner peace you can gain from therapy & coaching



5535 Memorial Drive

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Houston, TX 77007

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